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our favorite woods

Sapele heartwood is a medium to fairly dark reddish brown to purplish brown color with an interlocking grain pattern where the fibers twist around the tree as they grow.  Sapele is one of our favorite and most commonly used hardwoods because it’s very stable and its ability to be almost completely rot and weather proof allows for your window/door to last up to decades while at the same time preserving its beauty.

White Oak varies in color from pale-yellow brown to biscuit with a pinkish tint. We love working with White Oak because it’s a veristale wood but most importantly it’s an excellent outdoor wood; dense, rot resistant, and a very durable strong hardwood you can see why this is one of the most frequently used hardwoods in the Bay Area.

Cedar varies in color and styles, most Cedar wood comes in a straight grain with uniform fine texture. Cedar is softer than most hardwoods but is not prone to warping or sagging, although cedar has a lower density than most hardwoods it is naturally rot-resistant and contains natural oils and chemicals (Thujone in particular) that can repel, kill, or inhibit insects such as termites and cockroaches. Cedar wood makes for a perfect side gate or entry door next to the garbage cans outside your home.

African Mahogany is a tropical hardwood that has a straight, fine, and even grain, and is relatively free of voids and pockets. Its reddish-brown color darkens over time, and displays a reddish shine when polished. African Mahogany has been used in the United States for over 100 years and has long been an alternative for harder to get or more expensive look-a-like hardwoods, in particular genuine mahogany. Mahogany can be used for many projects but because it is moderately durable we would suggest an indoor use to get the most out of this wood.

Those are just a couple of wood types we have available. Have you got something in mind not in that list? Just ask! We work closely with the Bay Area’s largest wood providers to search and find everything it is you're looking for.

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