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A&A Custom Wood Windows and Doors, LLC. works closely with contractors and architects to deliver custom woodworking products which meet their clients needs and expectations. In this process we craft and develop custom products that consider style, ergonomics, and functionality. Although we do not install most of our products, we do offer installation upon request.


A&A also works with homeowners for special projects such as re-matching existing or damaged woodworks. In this process we can replace weather or fire damaged pieces to an exact match of the original, as well as replicating existing pieces.


Among the greatest features of a wonderful designed home is professionally-made custom wood doors. A&A’s hand crafted custom doors attract good attention, supplement the house’s interior design and help restore the character and charm of your home. We offer a thorough collection of styles to select from. Our most commonly desired doors are our custom hand crafted wood panel and glass panel doors. We also expertise in creating dutch doors, bifold, louvered door ways and many more. With regards to the other exterior and interior doors of your house, patio doors are also a popular selection with us. Sliding, swinging, folding or multi slide, we do them all! If you can dream it, we can build it.


Windows are one of the most important architectural and energy efficient elements of a home. Great levels of air can leak thru the cracks and crevices of cheap windows and doors,  causing many homeowners to over pay for their utility invoices. Wood windows don’t attract condensation like an aluminum window would so our wood windows would last longer, especially in moist conditions. Living and serving those in the SF Bay Area we know a thing or two about heavy moisture in the air (Fog). A&A’s handcrafted windows and window frames can be the defining element to a custom built home, with a touch of elegance and some of the best craftsmanship known in the bay area our windows allow for natural light to arouse a living room or bedroom while keeping the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We specialize in single and double hang windows, awning, bay, casement, fixed, sliding windows and many many more.



If interested in any other woodworking service other than windows and doors please contact us and leave a brief message for us in our inquiry box. (Custom mouldings, entertainment units, mirror or picture frames, small woodworking projects of any sort, etc.)

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